400 People Booked For Harassing, Molesting YouTuber Girl In Lahore During I-Day Celebrations

400 People Booked For Harassing, Molesting YouTuber Girl In Lahore During I-Day Celebrations

Islamabad: At least 400 people have been booked by the Lahore Police on Wednesday for allegedly harassing and molesting a YouTuber girl on August 14 (Pakistan’s Independence Day) at the historic Minar-i-Pakistan tower. 

According to news agency PTI, the Lahore Police swung in action after videos of her harassment and molestation went viral on social media platforms with calls to Prime Minister Imran Khan demanding justice. 

The horrific incident took place on August 14 where hundreds of young men can be seen throwing the girl in the air for fun, dragging her, tearing her clothes and molesting her.

WATCH | FIR Against 400 Men For Assaulting Woman In Pakistan

“After the videos went viral on Tuesday, the police approached the girl on the order of the high-ups and persuaded her to register FIR,” a senior Police official told PTI.

According to the Policeman, the victim was still traumatised and broke into tears while narrating what had happened to her on Independence Day.

In the FIR, the girl said that she along with six other members of her YouTube channel visited Azadi Chowk to record a video clip of the Independence Day celebrations.

“We were shooting the clip when a good number of youngsters started teasing me. They were joined by more and more. Seeing the suspects harassing me, the security guard of the Minar-i-Pakistan Park opened the central gate to let her enter to take shelter. When I crossed the gate and entered the park, the suspects came after me. They tore my clothes and molested me. They dragged and tossed me up in the air for fun. They also beat my team members, and used abusive language,” she said and added the humiliation continued for an hour before some people (of them) finally managed to rescue her.

She also alleged that during the incident, her cell phone, a gold ring and cash worth PKR 150,000 were snatched as well. The Police officer said with the help of video footage the suspects will be arrested soon.

According to claims made on social media, the girl was carrying national flags on India and Pakistan to use them for her TikTok video clip in connection with the Independence Day of both countries.

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