ABP Shikhar Sammelan UP AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi Questions Why Weapons Were Left In Afghniastan, Kabul

New Delhi: During the ABP Shikhar Sammelan UP, AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi levelled strong allegations against the ruling BJP government at the Centre and in Uttar Pradesh. During the segment, he talked about how the state of law and order in Uttar Pradesh is at its worst.Criticizing the lack of development, he said that even in Varanasi & Ayodhya, the place where the Ram temple is being built, there has been no sign of development. READ: Punjab Congress Crisis: Sidhu’s Advisor Malwinder Mali Quits, Says Can’t Continue In Given CircumstancesOwaisi said that now that the Uttar Pradesh elections at getting closer, the Bhartiya Janta Party is going to talk a lot about the Taliban at the same time he questioned why India is silent right now seeing the state of what the Taliban has done to Afghanistan. He even warned about the trouble India may face in the near future. “Terror should not be tolerated. With the arrival of the Taliban, India is going to have trouble ahead. The Indian government is silent. In a way, the eyes of the government are on the UP elections. There is going to be a Taliban-Taliban in the coming elections. BJP will do Taliban-Taliban,” Owaisi said from the ABP Shikhar Sammelan UP platform.Owaisi also made a huge allegation that India left some weapons in Afghanistan, he said that while evacuating people from the country security experts have said that India left weapons in the country.Also, he questioned why India left behind some of the Afghani people who helped at the Indian embassy knowing the danger that they are in. Watch the video here: 

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