Aghanistan Crisis: How Indian Diplomats And Officials Were Evacuated From Afghanistan Ann

Afghanistan Crisis: All Indian diplomats, officials and ITBP security personnel from Kabul were safely brought back to India, but many scary facts from this evacuation operation are now emerging. According to sources in ABP News, the Taliban had tried to disrupt the rescue operations planned for Monday, including an operation to rescue Indian Embassy officials from the war-torn nation. Sources told ABP News that India had sent two Indian Air Force C-17 airplanes to Kabul on August 15 to evacuate Indian embassy officials, diplomats and security personnel in Kabul, but the situation in Kabul took a turn for the worse on August 15 and 16. According to sources, the Taliban had cordoned off the entire diplomatic area and were keeping a close watch on the Indian Embassy in particular. Not only that, but the Taliban had also raided Shaheer Visa Agency, an Indian Visa agency based in Kabul. Sources said that when the first squad of about 45 people left for Kabul airport on Monday, the Talibanis blocked their path and snatched several belongings from them. Somehow all these people were rushed to the airport, after which they were brought back to Delhi safely. They were also greatly hampered by the crowd of thousands at the airport.Amidst all these difficulties, all Indian diplomats, officials, ITBP security personnel and others, including India’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, were brought back to India today. However, taking all these people to Kabul airport in the midst of all the warfare could be called as the biggest challenge in this rescue operation, even in the presence of heavy security.Moreover, External Affairs Minister Dr. Jaishankar’s talk to the US Secretary of State and NSA Doval’s US counterpart played a major role in its success. Only after these talks, US Armed Forces offered their support and all Indians were able to be brought back to the country today.Hamid Karzai and Taliban hold talks in Doha instead of Kabul, former Afghan president to propose coalition government Explained: Is there a major caste/sect difference between Muslims in India and Afghanistan?

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