Android’s New Feature Will Let Users Control Mobile From Facial Expressions

New Delhi: Google is developing a new accessibility feature for Android 12 versions. This feature will enable users to control their mobile with their facial expressions, as reported by the tech website XDA Developers.The camera switch feature will come with a new accessibility suite app in the latest version of Android. The new version of the app is not yet available on Google Play. However, if you want to try it, you can load using an APK. In this new accessibility suite app, many things can be controlled using facial expressions, from scrolling to going home or viewing quick settings or notifications. Although according to the website XDA Developers, Android’s accessibility feature will use the phone’s extra battery.Possible face gestures for accessibility would include smiling, opening the mouth, and looking right, left, or down. Corresponding camera actions include going to the homepage, scrolling backward and forward, and selecting. Users will also be able to select how sensitive the gesture will be while recognising the facial expression.Google Android’s new accessibility feature is currently in beta mode and it is believed that it will be launched officially later this year. It is said that the new accessibility feature will be handy for users with disabilities.In addition to many features introduced by Google Android in the past, voice control improvements and Assistant-powered action blocks are some enhancements that have enhanced the user experience in past.

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