Bihar CM Nitish Kumar After 10 Party Delegation Meet Over Caste-Based Census

New Delhi:  Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with a 10 member delegation comprised of leaders from other political parties met with the Prime Minister and held a discussion over the caste-based census. After the meeting, Bihar CM spoke to the media and said that the Prime Minister heard their proposal very patiently and asked us to mull over the issue and take the right decision.Nitish Kumar said, “The prime minister listened to all members of the delegation on caste census in the state. We urged the PM to take an appropriate decision on it. We briefed him on how resolutions have been passed twice in the state assembly on caste census.”Kumar further said, ” People in Bihar and the entire country are of the same opinion on this issue. We are grateful to the PM for listening to us. Now, he has to take a decision on it.”Bihar’s leader of the opposition who was also a part of 10 member delegation spoke to the media after meeting with the Prime Minister and said, “Our delegation met the PM today not only for caste census in the state (Bihar) but in the entire country. We are awaiting a decision on this now.”Speaking about the significance of caste-based census, Yadav further said, “In the interest of the nation, it will be a historical step, all the poor will benefit.”He added, “When animals and trees are counted, then why not castes. When the government has no scientific data on the population, how can it make welfare policies?””When states will have caste data, then only it will be able to include castes in the state OBC list. If caste Census will lead to unrest, then the same logic applies to religion as well,” said Tejashwi.The demand for a caste census was triggered by a statement by the Centre in Parliament last month that populations of only SCs and STs were proposed to be enumerated.In states like Bihar, where OBCs have dominated politics since the Mandal era, this has led to a vociferous demand for a headcount of backward classes as well. Kumar reiterated that there is a countrywide sentiment in favour of a caste census being conducted at least once. There should be no misgivings as such an exercise will be beneficial for all social groups.

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