Bihar Politics Why JDU Joined Modi Cabinet In 2021 RCP Singh Disclosed After Becoming Union Minister Ann

New Delhi: Former JDU National President RCP Singh assumed a position as a minister in the Modi cabinet after the major reshuffle in July. The question arises that why the JDU had not accepted a cabinet berth in 2019 and it did in 2021. What all has changed for the party in a span of two years?RCP Singh, who came to Patna for the first time since becoming a Union minister, answered questions on those lines. He said that every time the situation is not the same.”There is a difference between 2019 and 2021. Can an MP become a Cabinet Minister without the consent of the party leader? If this starts happening, tomorrow a party MP will go to the Prime Minister and say, appoint me as a minister.”RCP Singh said, “there is a leader in this party (JDU) and that is Nitish Kumar. I never do any work without asking him. It’s been 23 years now working with Nitish Kumar. Can anyone tell me about any decision that I have done without asking Nitish Kumar? Everything has a process and tradition. We are allies. I was asked for support, and after speaking with the leader and his consent, I took the oath.”

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