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Bola tinubu is currently one of the most famous personality in the country of Nigeria. Be is a political figure who is currently also standing in the general election of Nigeria as a candidate for the post of president. He is a rich man with an estimated net worth of 4 billion dollars. To know everything about Bola Tinubu Net Worth, luxuries, lifestyle, family, income, cars, jets, and much more, read the article completely.

Bola Tinubu Net Worth
Bola tinubu is considered to be the person who has currently the highest chance of winning the Nigerian general election. He is a popular person and thus he also has a lot of wealth. He lives a very high-class lifestyle. He has access to every expensive and premium luxury product and service because of his overwhelming money. Bola Tinubu Net Worth is estimated to be 4 billion dollars. When he was governor of Lagos, his official salary was 11.540 million Nigerian currency per month.
Bola Tinubu Biography

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Bola Tinubu Education
Bola tinubu is the richest politician in Nigeria. He owns many major business companies in Nigeria. He also has overwhelming control over many big government institutions. He also owns the oriental hotel of Lagos state. Bola Tinubu Net Worth mainly comes from running an oil producing company, television and radio telecasting companies, newspapers, amusement parks, shopping malls, and much more.  
Bola Tinubu Net Worth Overview

Full Name
Bola Ahmed tinubu


71 year old


Net Worth
4 billion dollar


Affiliated Political Party
All progressive party

Bola Tnubu Biography
Bola Ahmed tinubu was born on 29th march 1952 in Nigeria. He grew up in the state of Lagos. He completed his primary education in his homeland and then flew abroad for secondary education. He joined richard j. Daley college in Chicago, Illinois. When he returned to his country and get involved in serious politics then he first joined the social democratic party. Later on, he got exiled from the country because of his involvement in the 1993 Nigeria coup d’etat.
He returned to his country in 1998. Many reasons led him to get into the limelight and therefore he became the 12th governor of Lagos state in 1999. He gave his service to the Lagos state for straight 8 years. When he helped all progressive congress to win the election in 2015, he got a lot of praise from the civilians. Every Nigerian citizen knows it that Muhammad Buhari became president because of the help he received from Bola Tinubu Net Worth in election campaigns.
Bola Tinubu Net Worth
Bola Tinubu Cars
Bola Tinubu Net Worth allows him to have any car he wants from anywhere in the world. He can buy every expensive car like bugatti, mercedes benz, BMW, Lamborghini, or Porsche. It is really difficult to tell about every car he owns but some of them are mentioned below. Rumors say that he has more than 30 cars.
Bola tinubu cars :

Mainly he owns many armored and modified range rover SUVs. All of them are super luxury cars with bullet and bombproof features and loaded with other defensive features.
He also owns modified and highly luxurious cars of the jeep. 
Toyota prado suv

Bola Tinubu Jet
Bola Tinubu Net Worth made it easy to have a private jet for him. He uses his private plane to fly all over the world very comfortably. The price of a bola tinubu jet is 80 million dollars.  The model of that plane is the bombardier global 6000 express jet.
Bola Tinubu Controversies
In making immense Bola Tinubu Net Worth, a lot of controversies got created. Bola tinubu is a politician and hence he also has been involved in many controversies of fraud, scams, and tax invasions. He got his name involved in the bullion van scandal, money laundering, drug trafficking accusations in the united states, and the Nigerian 160 billion tax fraud saga.
Note: this is just controversy. Our website doesn’t accuse him of committing this fraud. 
FAQs related to Bola Tinubu Networth
What is the net worth of bola tinubu?
He has an estimated net worth of 4 billion dollar.
What is the salary of the state governor in Nigeria?
Nigerian state governor earns n11.5 million per month.
Who won the Nigerian general election in 2023 in Lagos state?
Peter obi won in lagos state beating bola tinubu.
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