Bride and groom clashed with each other in the function of marriage, users said – where do these people come from!


Groom And Bride Fighting: As soon as you hear the wedding function, only the image of dancing, singing or a happy atmosphere will be formed in your mind. But what if the bride and groom start fighting with each other in their own wedding? One such anecdote is going viral on social media.

Unique Trending Wedding Function: The bride and groom are ready to garland each other when an argument starts between the two. This debate increases so much that both of them fight with each other and no one is ready to give up.

Fight over such a thing

Actually both of them were fighting over each other to wear the garland first. Instead of resolving the matter, the family members of both of them motivate to continue the competition by clapping. Both can be seen quite excited to garland each other first.

Great debate broke out

The families of both lift them on their shoulders to garland them, but even then their debate does not stop. Both are so lost in fighting that they do not even realize that their balance can also deteriorate. In a few moments, their balance deteriorates and both fall from above. Users are also laughing a lot after seeing this whole scene and they are enjoying this moment a lot.

The stage of marriage became a battlefield!

Seeing this, a user (Social Media User) said that this is a marriage or a battlefield. Another user said that he has never seen such a marriage before. Some people even said that who are these people, where do they come from. This video entertained many people a lot.




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