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We know Buzz Aldrin as a former American astronaut engineer and fighter pilot. It was 1969 that nearly 600 million people witnessed the Apollo 11 mission by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to become the first men to reach the Moon. Actually today we are providing information under the same buzz aldrin net worth. Actually, let us tell you that Buzz Aldrin became the second person to walk on the moon after Neil Armstrong, that is, Buzz Aldrin is counted among the 4 people who have walked on the moon. So friends come, let’s know the complete information about Buzz Aldrin net worth only through this article.

Buzz Aldrin Net Worth
If we talk about buzz aldrin net worth at the end of this year which we have crossed then here we make it clear to you that the Buzz Aldrin Net Worth was around 12.7 million dollars. But as soon as the buzz of Aldrin net worth comes out earlier this year, we will let you know as soon as possible. In 1998, Buzz and his then-wife Louise bought an apartment in Los Angeles’ Best Wood for $1.34 million. Shortly after the divorce, Aldrin mortgaged the apartment for $3.3 million, Which was auctioned in the year 2014 for $ 2.857 million.

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Buzz Aldrin Age
Buzz Aldrin who was born on 20 January 1930 in Glen Ridge New Jersey in the United States of America, in fact this year he has celebrated his 93rd anniversary Buzz Aldrin Age on 20 January 2023 and on the occasion of his anniversary Buzz Aldrin, We will also tell you about net worth. Significantly, he also married his fourth wife, Dr. Anca 93 year old Buzz Aldrin is famous across America for his works.

Buzz Aldrin now 2023 Overview 

Article Title 
buzz aldrin net worth

Net Worth Updated
14 million dollar 

71 Ponds

178 cm

93 Years Old


As a Astronaut  

20 January 1930, Glen Ridge


Buzz Aldrin Biography
You are getting here today the facts related to Buzz Aldrin Biography, under which we explain to you here that Buzz Aldrin’s parents were named Army Aviator and Marion, he had two elder sisters Madeleine and Fay Ann.
According to information obtained through Buzz Aldrin net worth, when Aldrin was young, he played football at Montclair High School as a Boy Scout. He was later enrolled at the Severn School to attend the United States Naval Academy, according to Buzz Aldrin Biography. Passed out in 1991 with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering by Train with 3rd rank.

Buzz Aldrin Net Worth
Who is Buzz Aldrin’s Wife Anca Faur
If we talk about Anca Faur, then we make it clear to you here that Buzz Aldrin, a doctor born on May 14, 1959, is in the role of Vice President in the company. You are getting this type of information under Who is Buzz Aldrin’s Wife Anca Faur, the question asked by you. Anca received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 1996.  
In the context of the information being provided under Buzz Aldrin net worth, let us tell you that earlier Anka was a board member of the California Hydrogen Business Council. After which she has now received the title of becoming the fourth wife of Buzz Aldrin, Chairman of the Aldrin Company.
Buzz Aldrin Wikipedia
According to the information we introduced you above regarding American astronaut engineer and loco pilot Buzz Aldrin Wikipedia, he operated the Lunar Module Eagle during the next 1966 Gemini 12 mission and in 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission. Became the second human to set foot on the Moon with Neil Armstrong. His assets under Buzz Aldrin net worth are $12 million. 
He had the privilege of flying combat flights during the Korean War prior to all these flights. Attending the United States Military Academy by Alton, he obtained the third place in Mechanical Engineering degree. According to information received from Buzz Aldrin Wikipedia, he flew 66 fighters in the air and shot down 2 MiG-15.
Buzz Aldrin Family 
With this, today we have Buzz Aldrin’s first marriage with John Archer, according to the Buzz Aldrin Family, he had three children, jenis, james and Andrew. After which both of them separated in 1974.  After that, Albion was married to Beverly Van District from 1975 to 1978, after which he had a third marriage to Louis Driggs Cannon, under Aldrin net worth.
Buzz Aldrin Honors
Buzz Aldrin was awarded the Buzz Aldrin Honors by the Air Force with the Distinguished Service Medal for his extraordinary contributions to the Apollo 11 mission. In this way buzz aldrin net worth also increased a lot. Among the honors he was awarded by the Air Force, his fame increased significantly with unprecedented honors like Legion of Merit, NASA’s Distinguished Service Medal, Collier Trophy. 
After this year, he was also inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame under the Buzz Aldrin Honors in 1982. He is still recognized as a true space pioneer. Buzz Aldrin was honored by being inducted into 3 Halls of Fame namely the US Astronaut Hall of Fame, the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the New Jersey Hall of Fame.
FAQs regarding buzz aldrin net worth
What is Buzz Aldrin’s updated net worth?
Buzz Aldrin’s total updated net worth is $14 million.
How many marriages were done by Buzz Aldrin in total?
A total of four marriages were done by Buzz Aldrin in his 93 years of life.
Who is the founder of Sharespace Foundation?
Buzz Aldrin is the founder of the ShareSpace Foundation.
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