Caste Based Census: BJP-JDU ‘squabble’ On Caste Census, CM Nitish Kumar Told This About CP Thakur’s Demand Ann

Patna: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with a ten-member delegation met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday to discuss the proposed caste census. After meeting the Prime Minister, the political tussle in the state has escalated.Some BJP leaders feel Nitish Kumar’s meet with PM Narendra Modi to discuss the issue of caste census was not the right thing to do. Meanwhile, BJP leaders have also kept silent on the whole matter despite being an ally of JDU in Bihar. ALSO READ | West Bengal Violence: CBI Begins Investigation With Visits To Birbhum, Diamond Harbour, Nadia DistrictsGradually, the tussle is increasing between the BJP and the JDU on the issue of Caste based census. On one hand, Bihar BJP leaders are avoiding saying anything about it by terming the issue a central matter, on the other, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is adamant on the demand for conducting the caste census, terming BJP leaders’ views related to it as their personal opinion. Senior BJP leader and former Union minister CP Thakur had said on Wednesday that the basis of the census should be economic status and not caste. “It is not right to pressure the Prime Minister for a caste census. We have a clear understanding that if the census is done, then it should be based on wealth and poverty. Ethnic census is a conspiracy to divide society,” he said.Census on the basis of povertyHe said, “Every caste has both poor and rich. But there is no caste of poverty. The poor are just poor. There is a need to have a census based on poverty and not caste in the country”.CP Thakur contended there is still a lot of work to be done in Bihar. There is a need to strengthen services like industry, education and health in Bihar. So, according to him, there is a need to focus on these things instead of the census.Responding to this, Nitish Kumar, who arrived in Rajgir on Thursday, said, “We are not concerned about what others say. Do they not know that the bill was passed unanimously in the parliament. Yes, if this is someone’s personal opinion then that’s a different thing. People may have different thinking, how do I react to that? All parties passed the resolution together. I met the PM as well. So few people keep wanting reaction but what is the need to react on it”. Upendra Kushwaha hits backBefore Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, his party leader Upendra Kushwaha had reacted to CP Thakur’s statement. He said what BJP members think and say outside can be contradictory. During the parliament session, a BJP MP had said that there should be a caste census. “There is no such thing as differences of opinion over caste census. BJP wants it and is in favour also. There are certainly some who speak out against it sometimes, but the resolution which was passed has also been agreed by the BJP and sent to the Centre unanimously,” he added.Meanwhile, BJP has reacted to the statements of allied party leaders. BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand tweeted, “BJP is the only political party with a culture of internal democracy and discourse. Most political parties in Bihar and India are either a family fiefdom or a selfish person’s pocket organisation. Giving any advice to the BJP is like showing a lamp to the sun.”.

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