CID Recovers Radioactive Metal Californium Worth Rs 4,250 Cr Near Kolkata Airport, 2 Held

Kolkata: The Crime Investigation Department has recovered expensive radioactive metal Californium from the Kolkata airport area. Two people identified as Sailan Karmakar and Asit Ghosh were arrested by the CID officers. Accused Sailan Karmakar and Asit Ghosh are the residents of the Hooghly district.CID officers recovered four pieces of ash-colored stones weighed about 250.5 grams. As per the source, all the material entered the city from Karnataka via railways. The stones sparkle in the dark and reflect light. Seeing the stones it seems that they are full of minerals which are engraved in those stones.  According to preliminary investigation, it is revealed that the seized articles might be Californium, which is a radioactive metal as per internet source.  Cost of Californium is roughly 17 crores per grams as per Indian currency.

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