Congress Leader Salman Khurshid Remarks On Congress Cm Candidate For UP Asembly Election ANN

UP Assembly Election: Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid arrived in Meerut to seek public opinion on the election manifesto. Meanwhile, he lashed out at the BJP government. He said, “it hurts us to see dead bodies flowing in the waters of river Ganga. If there is no anger or sadness in one’s mind after seeing them, or if one does not get worried after seeing them, then it is a matter of concern.”Khurshid also said that it is not the job of a political party to make people emotional about things. Rather, it is the duty of the political party to guide the people and instill confidence. Khurshid was confident that Congress will be able to ‘do it’ this time. Khurshid further said that dead bodies were found in the Ganges but some people are not ready to accept them. No one made an issue about the dead bodies floating in the Ganges.Priyanka to take decision on CM’s postPriyanka Gandhi will decide who will be the face of CM from the party in UP in 2022. It will soon be revealed. He said Congress will fight the 2022 elections with full strength, even if it does not win, it will definitely make a huge difference.He said Congress is bringing public problems before the manifesto committee. It mentions the problem of unemployment, misery. Congress will make an all-inclusive manifesto in a way that connects people from all the classes and sections. Congress can’t say anything right now about forming an alliance in the assembly elections. Right now we are making a manifesto by meeting people from every corner.”Government hiding the truth about Afghanistan and Taliban”Khurshid said that the government is hiding the truth about Afghanistan and the Taliban. If the government talks to Congress on the Issue of Afghanistan, we will definitely give our opinion. On the party president’s question, he described Rahul Gandhi as his leader. Salman Khurshid said the party is moving forward and will continue to grow under the direction of Sonia Gandhi.

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