Countries Should Open Borders Says UN Bodies, WHO Health & Food Security In Afghanistan After Taliban Take Over

New Delhi: The World Health Organisation has sounded the alarm about the health and food security of Afghanistan which was recently taken over by the Taliban.A recent statement issued by the organization warned that half the population of Afghanistan which includes over 4 million women and nearly 10 million children are already needed humanitarian assistance. ALSO READ: Afghanistan Crisis LIVE: Taliban Issues First Fatwa, Bans Co-Education In UniversitiesThe WHO said, “All parties must protect civilians and respect the rights and freedoms of all. Today we reiterate our commitment to promoting the rights of everyone in Afghanistan, including women and girls. Important gains made in recent years – including on gender equality and girls’ access to a quality education – must be preserved. And much more needs to be done to realize the rights of women and girls.”The body added, “We will continue to engage to make sure this happens. Civilians must also be allowed to seek safety and protection, including the right to seek asylum.”According to media reports, UN agency’s spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic said in a statement that the current drought in Afghanistan is expected to worsen an already dire situation.”Continuity of health services must continue without interruption across the country, with a focus on ensuring women have access to female health workers,” said the WHO spokesperson.”Most major health facilities are functional. And this is based on provincial-level field monitoring. Health workers have been called to return to or to remain at their posts, including female health staff.”The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also expressed concern about the prevailing humanitarian needs within Afghanistan and urged supporters to ensure that all those requiring assistance are not forgotten.The UN body also called on governments to open borders to keep the open receive Afghan refugees fleeing from violence and persecution and refrain from deportations. This is not the time to abandon the Afghan people. The Member States must provide all possible support to Afghan nationals at risk, including a moratorium on repatriations.”We urge neighbouring countries to ensure the protection of Afghans displaced across their borders.” 

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