Crime Branch Team Recovered Bank Details Of 5 Thousand Americans ANN

The crime branch team recently made a major bust in the international call centre fraud case. Now on further police investigations have revealed that the gang running the international call center stored a lot of confidential details of the US citizens.Police recovered several pen drives from the Delhi home of Jasraj Singh, the mastermind of this scam. This pen drive had bank details of 5,000 US citizens, including CVV numbers of their Credit and Debit cards. The Crime Branch of Kanpur Police has shared this data with the CBI. Crime Branch DSP Salman Taj Patil said “critical data of 5,000 US citizens were found in a pen drive. The pen-drive had full details of their bank account, e-mail, mobile number, credit-debit card number, CVV, and other important information.”Police plans to contact the FBI for support over the case. They also plan to use the FBI to nab the US agent Ted L Thomas involved in facilitating this scam. Kanpur Police busted an ongoing call center in the Kakadev area and revealed that the scammers have taken money worth Rs 10 Crore. 

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