Delhi Weather Delhiites Troubled By Heat Not Relief Know When It Will Rain

New Delhi: In the month of Sawan, Delhiites seem to be perturbed by the scorching heat. The heat in the capital Delhi is once again seen setting records. The maximum temperature is likely to be around 37 degrees on Wednesday, while the minimum temperature will be around 28 degrees. Delhiites can expect partly sunny and partly cloudy weather today. However, the possibility of rain is negligible.On Tuesday recorded the maximum temperature for this year so far. Tuesday recorded a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. It was the hottest day in the last 10 years. According to the Met department, the weather in Delhi may change on Thursday.According to the Met department, the sun was very bright on Tuesday morning and the scorching sun in the afternoon made people miserable. People were avoiding leaving their homes due to intense sunlight. People were seen consuming beverages to escape the heat and keep themselves hydrated.The humidity level in the air in the last 24 hours was a maximum of 83 percent. The humidity made people sweat and the weather was hot and sticky. Because of this, people preferred staying at home.According to the Met department, heavy rain is likely to occur in the next two days. The Met department has issued a Yellow alert for August 19 while an orange alert for August 20.

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