Elon Musk Questions Taliban For Not Wearing Masks Amid COVID Delta Variant Spread, Here’s How Netizens Responded

Elon Musk Questions Taliban For Not Wearing Masks Amid COVID Delta Variant Spread, Here's How Netizens Responded

New Delhi: While the Afghanistan crisis has been a cause of global concern, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the Taliban takeover for the very first time.

Known for his idiosyncrasies, Elon Musk stayed true to his image as his concerns with the Taliban were totally different from what public figures have been saying about the insurgent group so far. 

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Sharing a photo of Taliban leaders, Elon Musk took to Twitter and wrote: “Do they even know about the delta variant!?”. The photo carries a caption raising concern about the militant leaders not wearing a mask.


While the technocrat cannot be faulted for raising an issue about the COVID norms, he too has been in the news over ignorance towards the pandemic.

Elon Musk had announced that production was resuming at Tesla’s US vehicle factory in California in defiance of an order to stay closed – thereby risking the lives of the staff and workers at the plant. 

In November last year, the Tesla CEO raised doubts over COVID testing, writing that “Something extremely bogus is going on” as allegedly four of his tests turned up with mixed results. 


What irked netizens in this tweet was how Musk was being oblivious to the fact that rapid tests can be inaccurate and that does not suggest that there’s something largely “bogus” going on with respect to the pandemic. Some even deemed the tweet to be irresponsible.

As for the latest tweet on Taliban, netizens are again baffled at how the crypto enthusiast managed to ignore the larger issue of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

There were also those who saw it as an opportunity for some COVID humour.


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