Evacuations In Afghanistan, Afghan Woman Gives Birth On A U.S. Military Aircraft In Germany

New Delhi: An Afghan woman, gave birth aboard a U.S. military aircraft Air Force C-17 that flew from the Middle East to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The woman went into labour shortly after she boarded the plane the woman went into labour & started to experience complications. 

Medical support personnel from the 86th Medical Group help an Afghan mother and family off a U.S. Air Force C-17, call sign Reach 828, moments after she delivered a child aboard the aircraft upon landing at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Aug. 21. (cont..) pic.twitter.com/wqR9dFlW1o
— Air Mobility Command (@AirMobilityCmd) August 21, 2021
ALSO READ: Congress, SP Slam BJP For Placing Party Flag Over Tricolour During Kalyan Singh’s Prayer MeetUpon learning that the mother was experiencing complications, the aircraft commander decided to descend in altitude to increase air pressure in the aircraft. This helped stabilize and save the mother’s life, the US Air Force tweeted on Sunday.On arrival at Ramstein, US medical personnel came aboard and delivered the child to the aircraft’s cargo bay. The baby girl and mother were transported to a nearby medical facility and are in good condition, the military said. The German base is being used as a transit post for people being evacuated from Afghanistan. The US got the green light from Berlin for some of the evacuees to be directed to Germany, where it has a number of bases.Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan about a week ago, the people are fleeing the country. Over 300 Indian citizens were airlifted from Kabul airport on three separate flights on Sunday. Another flight with more than 150 passengers is expected to land in New Delhi on Monday morning. 

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