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Schools have just opened after the Christmas break and again after one month of February Half Term 2023 starts on 17th February and will for almost 10 days. it’s also called Spring term in this term schools will be closed for students for around 10 days and will again open from 27th February. The Schools are free to make decisions on February Half Term 2023 dates so dates may vary from school to school but most probably the date will be 17th February to 27 February. During this break, the students who are going to face exams or any other class may be asked to attend extra classes if required. So this break allows students to enjoy the spring by visiting exciting places.

February Half Term 2023
This break of 10 days gives a good chance for students to visit and explore new places with family. Also, many skill development programs are conducted by different institutions to give some extra skill to the students these days and it makes them feel fresh as they get bored of following the same academic process for a long. This break allows students to work on their talent and bring it up. Students having an interest in any field other than academics can invest their time to enhance their skills in their interests. This springtime holiday also makes it better to travel to new places as the weather also becomes moderate and enjoyable. 

 Holidays List In February
 2023 Calendar With Holidays
US School Holidays
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UK Schools Holidays for 2023-24
UK Schools Holidays for 2023-24 start with a spring vacation called February Half Term 2023 in which almost every school in the UK is closed for 10 days to give a refresh to students. This spring break becomes a good time for students and parents to visit new places and enjoy vacations. During this time children can visit the best places, they can plan tours to different countries, and know about places.

February Half Term 2023 Overview 

Half Term in February (Spring break) 

Vacation period 
10 days 

Vacation Starts
17 February 

Vacation ends
27 February 

Classes from 
All classes 


School Term Dates 2023/24
This half term in February gives options for parents to make out a trip to wherever a place they admired to visit with family. On this vacation, they can Spend full time with their children and enjoy the days. In these ten days, people can explore their interests and try new things their hobbies and games, and all the things that they planned to do on vacations.

February Half Term
Activities to do in February Half Term 2023
Cardiff Science Festival 2023 is celebrated at Cardiff Metropolitan University at Llandaff Campus, it is a whole day of free science and technical workshops under the Cardiff Science Festival. These workshops will be conducted at the start of the half term in February on February 18  from 10 am to 4 pm.
Workshops will be for examining red blood cells with microscope-building robots, learning about genes, antibodies, and viruses, cyber security, and game mechanics, how to code, blood pressure measurement, and viewing blood vessel health digitally, and many more. Attendees can play Cardiff Met’s games lab activities and racing simulators there in the workshop itself.
February Half Term 2023 Activity 
Croeso Festival named Swansea a two-day festival free of cost is coming to Swansea featuring big food cookers and live music. The event will be conducted on Friday that is February 24 and February 25. Croeso Festival will be conducted every day from 11 am until 4 pm the event is conducted and handled by Swansea Council with First Cymru and Support from Welsh Government’s Food and Drink Wales it will feature food and drink at its heart with a dedicated marquee in Portland Street as the packed program of cooking instructions so people can enjoy this festival too. 
Half Term in February 2023 Childcare 
In this half term in February 2023 or Spring break there are many camps organized by different groups for students. Most of the spring camps are for these 10 days so that students must be entertained for their holidays. Under these camps, many activities are to be conducted which will make students excited and involved.
For the small children, many childcare groups are actively participating in the camp so that the best care is provided to all children in the camp and these things make this spring camp interesting. A large number of students participate in different activities and enjoy the spring camp. These camps are mainly for this half term in February or spring break so the timing is also according to the break. 
FAQs Related to half term in February 2023
When will the half term in February 2023 begin?
half term in February from 17th February. 
When will this spring break end? 
This break will end on 27th February and schools will reopen. 
Are spring break and half term in February break the same? 
Yes, Spring break and February half-term break are the same.
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