Female Afghan Anchor Asks Taliban For Right To Work

A female anchor from Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA), Shabnam Khan Dawran, has said that she was not allowed to work or even enter her office by the Taliban. She claims that the Talibanis told her that the “regime has changed” and that she cannot continue working. Dawran’s allegations are bursting the Taliban’s claims of honoring women’s rights. “I wanted to return to work, but unfortunately they did not allow me to work. They told me that the regime has changed and you cannot work,” said Dawran to Tolo News. She is asking for women’s right to work in Afghanistan. 

Shabnam Dawran, a presenter at RTA, saying she went to the office today to keep on her job, but the Taliban told her the Govt had changed & “you aren’t permitted, go home”#Kabul #Afghanistan pic.twitter.com/QZjgQjrXRf
— Hizbullah Khan (@HizbkKhan) August 18, 2021
Earlier, Taliban’s Enamullah Samangani had said that they will “provide women with environment to work and study, and the presence of women in different (government) structures according to Islamic law and in accordance with our cultural values”.Another journalist, Khadija was also not allowed to work by the Taliban. She was told that a decision about their work will be made soon. “I went to the office but I was not allowed in. Later other colleagues were banned, too. We talked with our new director who has been appointed by the Taliban,” said Khadija to Tolo News. “There has been a change in the programs, they broadcast their desired programs, there are no female presenters and female journalists,” Khadija added. Taliban has promised to keep the media independent but under the pretext of the media “not working against national values”. 

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