Gas Cylinder Price Hike Congress Targeted Central Government Regarding Inflation Rate In India Ann

New Delhi: The prices of LPG cylinders in the country have once again gone up by Rs 25 and Congress took the chance to take a jibe at the BJP-led Central government. Questioning the hike in LPG cylinder prices, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said the citizen’s woes are not making any difference to the Central government.”After the hike in LPG cylinder prices by Rs 25, the price has now crossed Rs 1000 per cylinder in many parts of the country but actually according to the international market, it should have been about Rs. 600, which means clearly the Central Government is charging money in the name of tax from the pockets of the people and the people are helpless,” the Congress spokesperson said.The Congress spokesperson further said that this is seen not only with LPG cylinders but oil prices have also gone up. Questioning the policies of the Central Government, Congress said: “The price of crude oil in the international market had touched about $120 per barrel when the Manmohan government was in power, but even then the price of petrol in the Indian market had reached just around Rs 70 per litre. About this, the opposition party of BJP had raised a hue and cry over it, but today, when crude oil in the international market is about $70 per barrel petrol, is being sold at more than Rs 100 per litre.”The Congress said that when the Manmohan government was in power, money was raised through more than one lakh crore oil bonds and subsidy was given so that the people were not burdened. But the Modi government is not ready to take any steps to provide relief to the public despite the Centre’s earnings of more than Rs 23 lakh crore by collecting taxes on prices of petrol and diesel during the last 7 years.

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