Instagram Swipe Up Feature To Be Removed Replaced With Link Stickers

New Delhi: The Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram is going to retire the Swipe-up link in Instagram Stories from August 30. The popular feature has historically allowed businesses and high-profile creators a way to direct their Story’s viewers to a website where they could learn more about a product.The company says that instead of the Swipe-up call to action, Instagram users who already had this feature will be able to use the new Link Sticker.  Rollout From August 30The company said the sticker was tested with only a few users in June but will be rolled out for the masses from August 30. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong was the first to notice the announcement.Instagram says it will begin to convert those who currently have access to the swipe-up link to the Link Sticker starting on August 30, 2021. This will include businesses and creators who are either verified or who have met the threshold for follower count.  
 Viewers Will Be Able To ReplyLike polls, questions and location stickers, the Link Sticker lets creators toggle between different styles, resize the sticker, and then place it anywhere on the Story for maximum engagement. In addition, viewers will now be able to react and reply to posts that have the Link Sticker attached, just like any other Story Earlier, that kind of feedback was not possible on posts with Swipe-up links.  

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