Is More RAM Necessary For A Good Smartphone, Know What Is The Truth

Smartphone Tips: You must have heard that higher amount of RAM means the phone is faster than others, but is it true? This is indeed just half the truth. Many things play a role in making a smartphone fast. Today we are going to tell you how important RAM is for a smartphone and the minimum amount of RAM a smartphone should have.Two types of storage:

Smartphones have two types of storage, RAM and ROM
Photo videos and all apps are stored in ROM.
It takes RAM to run anything on the phone.
RAM is essential to run apps, photos, videos and games.
When is more RAM needed?

A higher amount of RAM is required to run any phone app smoothly.  
If you do a lot of mutitasking on the phone, such as playing games while listening to music and responding to WhatsApp messages or notifications, all these tasks will require more RAM. If a phone has low RAM it lag or work slowly.
How many GB of RAM should a smartphone have?

Essentially, it all depends on how you use your smartphone.
In case of heavy gaming, a smartphone with 8 to 12 GB RAM is recommended.
4GB RAM is enough for people who don’t want play games on their smartphones and those who use apps like Whatsapp, Facebook less often.
6GB RAM is enough for the average smartphone user.
These are the things which impact how fast your smartphone works

Having a bigger RAM won’t necessarily make you smartphone work fast.
For the smartphone to work fast, it should also have the best processor, the latest operating system with a display with a higher refresh and touch sampling rate.

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