Kids Choice Awards  Winners 2023, List, Nominees


Taylor Swift and Harry Styles emerged as the biggest music winners at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Although Swift was named Favorite Female Artist by the Kids’ Choice Awards Winners 2023 because of her Midnight’s 3:00 a.m.  Sanskar won for Most Albums, and Harry Styles on the other hand was named Most Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Global Music Star under Kids Choice Awards Winners 2023. 

Kids Choice Awards Winners 2023
And let us tell here that as it was given the award for favorite song. The Most Favorite Music Group award was won by BTS. Hosted by Nate Burleson and Charli De Melio at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Celebrating the best of pop culture at the Microsoft Theater for the annual event. Here the winners receive an orange blimp.

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Kids’ Choice Awards 2023 Vote
Kids Choice Awards Winners 2023 on Wednesday Jenna Ortega said in a video message after winning her favorite female TV star, and requested that Babu be changed to make it more suitable for her personality. Here Adam Sandler received a special silver blimp, he was also named the King of Comedy. Melissa McCarthy also made an appearance on the show in a dunk tank filled with over 1,500 slimes.

Kids Choice awards 2023 Overview 

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Kids Choice Awards  Winners  2023 

Awards Name 
Nickelodeon kids Choice Awards

4 March 2023

Microsoft Theater, Los-Angeles , California 

Ryan Polito

Maximum Awards
Harry Styles

2023 Kids Choice Awards

Under Favorite Reality Show, Master Safe Jr. Olivia Rodrigo as Favorite Female TV Star Kids, Joshua Bassett as Favorite Male TV Star Kids, Jenna Ortega as Favorite Female TV Star Family, Finn Wolfhard as Favorite Male TV Star Family  Nominated.
If we talk about music, according to the 2023 Kids Choice Awards, Midnight’s 3:00 a.m. is my most favorite album. edition, named Harry Styles as Favorite Male Artist, BTS as Favorite Music Group and Edge It Baz as Favorite Song, as well as Dub Cameron as Favorite Breakout Artist and “The Sweetest”  Pie” was nominated as Favorite Musical Collaboration. Harry Styles and Bella Porch have been named Favorite Global Music Star and Favorite Social Music Star, respectively, according to the Kids Choice Awards Winners 2023.
Other Categories
Among other categories, Favorite Female Creator was named as Charli De Melio and Favorite Male Producer as Mr. Beast, with Ninja Kids TV and Serena Williams being named as Favorite Social Media Family and Favorite Female Sports Star, respectively. In that order, according to Kids Choice Awards Winners 2023, Harry Potter book series as favorite book, Minecraft as favorite video game, and LeBron James as favorite male sports star.
Kids Choice Awards  Winners
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2023

Favorite Film Actor
Austin Butler for Elvis Presley, Dwayne Johnson for Black Adam teth Adam, Steve burns call Blue big City, Jim Carrey for Sonic the hedgehog two doctor about eggman robotnic

Favorite film
Thor love and thunder, blue ka big city adventure, Black Panther Bankda forever, chip and Dale rescue rangers

Favorite animated film
Jute me kharha The Last wish, prakash varsh, DC League of Super pets, Pause of fury the legend of hank

Favorite male voice from an animated movie
Antonio Banderas, Chris Evans light year budget lighter, Samuel al Jackson, Sam Rockwell, Kevin hart

Favorite female voice from an animated movie!
Aquafina, kK palmer, hansions minions, Jazzy Beats, Vanessa wire

Favorite Villain
Bad midler hawkins paula’s vini Fred, elizabeth Allison South Philly strange in the multiverse of madness , Ricky Gervais, Richard ayode

Favorite TV Show
Bunk’D, khatre ka bal, Reven’house, Taylor peri ki young daylan 

Favorite breakout TV show
Naomi, the really loud house, Velly View ke khalnayak, National treasury history Bank, The fairly Odd parents

Hamilton animated comedy series
Big city greens, SpongeBob SquarePants, hum baby bhalu, the loud house, jellystone, The proud family, 

Favorite TV host
Drew Barrymore for the drew  Barrymore show, Janelle James for the final straw, Terry crew for America got talent, Jerry Trainor for toon in , 

Kids Choice Awards 2023 Nominees
Charlie De Melio choked on a speech as she thanked everyone for hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards event. Dow Cameron received the award for Favorite Breakout Artist among the Kids Choice Awards 2023 Nominees and said I had genuine tears in my eyes. Kids’ Choice Awards ticket prices vary depending on the performer’s venue, day of the week, and many other factors Let’s say Tuesday evenings are resold at a different price than tickets to see the Kids’ Choice Awards. So if it performs at multiple locations then the prices may also vary from city to city.
FAQs regarding Kids Choice Awards Winners 2023
When will the Kids Choice Awards Winners 2023 end?
The Kids’ Choice Awards 2023 concluded on March 4, 2023.
Who was the announcer for the Kids’ Choice Awards?
The announcer for the Kids’ Choice Awards 2023 was Cedric L. Williams.
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