Know About These Travel Protocol Of President Of India When He Travels To Some State

New Delhi: India’s largest constitutional office is of the President as the first citizen of the country. A special protocol to ensure the safety of the President of India, which has to be followed during every visit. Some special preparations are made and special transport is the journey.ALSO READ | President Ramnath Kovind Begins 4-Day UP Visit, Here’s All About The Programme & Security ArrangementsKnow about the President’s travel protocol:Types of President’s visits1. Public Travel – When a new President takes over, his first visit is considered a public visit.2. Official Visit – Whenever the President of the country goes on any visit, it is considered an official visit.President has a predetermined schedule Whenever the President of the country goes on any visit, his schedule is pre-determined. Under the protocol, no change can be made in his schedule while visiting any city or village. The number of visitors for every event is also fixed. Only pre-approved guests can attend the President’s programme. This list is created and extended only after approval from Rashtrapati Bhavan.These people can be included in the President’s eventOnly special persons and officials can participate in any presidential event. It can be attended by the Chief Minister of the State, Chief Secretary, Director General of Police and Inspector General, Secretary (Political), Secretary to the Government (Political), Commissioner of Police, District Collector, Senior Officers of Defence Services. The President is welcomed by the Governor and the Chief Minister at the airport.The president has a special carThe car used by the president is very special. It is a Mercedes S-Class (S-600) Pullman Guard car. The car costs around Rs 10 to 12 crore. There is no number plate on the car. This car is bulletproof and has ballistic protection feature. This car has an emergency fresh air system which helps in supplying oxygen in case of an emergency. It also has a night view assist so that the car can be easily driven in the dark. Also, the entire cost of the president’s visit is borne by the government exchequer.  

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