Mamata Slams Modi Govt Over Monetisation Plan, Says India Does Not Belong To BJP

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has questioned the Central government’s National Monetisation Pipeline Policy (NMP) through which it plans to raise nearly 6 lakh crore rupees.Banerjee on Wednesday took a dig at the government saying it is not the property of Modi or BJP adding that India belongs to all Indian citizens.”The Prime Minister cannot sell the property of the country. It is an unfortunate decision and I am shocked. Many will join me in protesting against this decision,” Banerjee said.Banerjee also claimed that the policy introduced by Modi government is a conspiracy to sell the country’s assets. The Trinamool Congress chief termed the NMP as a “shocking and unfortunate decision” and alleged that the money received from selling these properties would be used against opposition parties during the elections.In a discussion with reporters at the State Secretariat Nabanna, Mamata said, ‘We condemn this shocking and unfortunate decision. These assets belong to the country. They are neither the property of Modi nor of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The government cannot sell the national property on its own volition.”She said the entire country will oppose this decision against national interest and stand together in protest. “The BJP should be ashamed. No one has given them the right to sell the property of our country.”, she added.FM Nirmala Sitharaman Announced NMP:Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced an NMP worth Rs. 6 lakh crore on Monday which includes monetisation of passenger trains, railway stations and airports, roads and stadiums. The government says funds will be raised and properties will be developed involving private companies in these infrastructure sectors.Rahul Attacks Government:Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi continues his attack on the Modi Government over the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP).On Wednesday, he wrote on Twitter: #IndiaOnSale, “First the soul is sold and now…”.Earlier on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi had held a press conference and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is selling the assets the country made and acquired in the past 70 years, to his industrialist friends.Rahul Gandhi has said that it has taken 70 years for the nation to acquire and develop these properties, which has cost the nation and its taxpayers lakhs of crores. “”They are now being gifted to three or four industrialists. Rahul Gandhi said, “We are not against privatization. In our time, privatization was prudent. Strategically important assets were not privatised back then. We used to privatize the industries which used to suffer a lot,” he said. 

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