MG Comet EV Release Date in India


MG Comet EV Release Date in India: MG Motor India is preparing to launch a new Electric Car for the Indian market and it will be the cheapest and smallest electric car from the company. The company has announced that the Upcoming Smart EV will be named MG Comet. According to news, MG Comet EV Release Date in India is April 2023. As of now, MG has not disclosed any details about the MG Comet Electric Car, so please stay tuned with this article of ours to know more.
MG Comet is specifically planned to be introduced as urban mobility. Actually, the company wants to provide such a mobility solution to the people through its Comet EV, which will help people to get rid of the parking problem as well as save fuel cost. We will apprise you with MG Comet EV – Features, Price, Range, Battery, Charging Time and Top Speed in this page, so read it now.
MG Comet EV Release Date in India
In the last few years, the sale of electric cars in the country has increased rapidly. Many automobile companies are launching new EV models in the country. And till some time ago news was coming that MG Motor is going to launch its Air EV electric car in India soon, but now news is coming that it is has given a new name in India.
MG Motor India has announced the name of its upcoming EV as Comet. This electric car takes its name from a 1934 British aircraft that took part in the Australia-England McRobertson Air Race. MG Comet EV Release Date 2023 is April 2023 so get more updates from this page.

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Features of MG Comet
MG Comet will get front-wheel-drive system with length is expected to be around 2.9 metres. MG Comet has been designed on the company’s new GSEV platform. Also the dual 10.25-inch display will be available in this car. MG Comet EV will see many other features including touchscreen infotainment system, wireless smartphone connectivity, autonomous and connected car technology.
The specialty of this compact EV is its interior. It will have dual screens, it will also get a large touchscreen infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster. According to the weather conditions of India, the MG Motor India will make some changes in this electric car.

Expected Dimensions of MG Comet EV 2023
Dimensionsin mmin cmin inchesin feetLength2974297.4117.099.75Width1505150.559.254.93Height1631163.164.215.35Wheelbase201020179.136.59
MG Comet battery pack, Charging Time
The MG Comet is expected to have a battery pack between 20kWh – 25kWh which will generate power of around 40bhp. It can get an electric range of about 200 kilometres on a single charge. The battery pack will feature LFP cylindrical cells similar to the Tata Nexon EV. LFP cylindrical cells are light in weight and better in charging and the company will source batteries for its new EV from Tata Autocomp.
MG Comet 2023 A small size EV
In terms of size, this MG Comet will be smaller than the Alto 800. Indeed, parking big cars in cities is a hassle and since the MG Comet is a small EV, it will not take up much space and can be easily driven on the street. It is built on the Global Small Electric Vehicle platform, especially in China, which is expected to get 2 seater and 4 seater options.
As a foreign model, it has a length of 2,599mm, width 1,505mm, long wheel base variant length 2,974mm and width 1,631mm. Now it will be interesting to see that in India also the MG Motor will bring it in the same size or it will be brought in a new size.
MG Comet Electric Car 2023 Price, Range
MG Motor India is going to launch its new electric car soon, whose name has been revealed. Yes, the name of MG’s 2 door electric car is MG Comet EV and its price is going to be revealed in the coming days. But as per some news, MG Comet Electric Car of MG Motor can be available from Rs 10 lakh and can go up to Rs 15 lakh. MG Comet EV can be offered in 2 variants such as standard wheelbase and long wheelbase.


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