‘Nitish Kumar Should Opt Out Of Reservation’, BJP MLA Attacks Bihar CM Over Caste-Based Census

New Delhi: A day after Nitish Kumar-led 10 member delegation comprising of different parties met Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the caste-based census, BJP MLA Surendra Singh attacked Bihar Chief Minister for proposing such demands.The BJP MLA said if Nitish Kumar wants justice for the poor, then he and other wealthy people from marginalised communities should let go of reservation benefits.”I request Nitish Kumar and others, who talk about social justice, if they really want justice for their poor backward class brothers, then he and other rich people should opt-out of the reservation quota,” Singh said, quoted PTI.The BJP MLA said by doing so, benefits of reservation would be available to the poor people of the backward classes.It is pertinent to note that BJP was also a part of the delegation which met the Prime Minister and Nitish Kumar has claimed that all the parties are in favour of the caste-based census.
Nitish Kumar discussed caste-based census with PM Modi¬†After meeting with the Prime Minister Bihar CM spoke to the media and said that the Prime Minister heard their proposal very patiently and now the decision lies with PM Modi.Nitish Kumar said, “The Prime Minister listened to all members of the delegation on caste census in the state. We urged the PM to take an appropriate decision on it. We briefed him on how resolutions have been passed twice in the state assembly on caste census.”Kumar further said, ” People in Bihar and the entire country are of the same opinion on this issue. We are grateful to the PM for listening to us. Now, he has to take a decision on it.”Bihar’s leader of the opposition, Tejashwi Yadav who was also a part of 10 member delegation spoke to the media after meeting with the Prime Minister and said, “Our delegation met the PM today not only for caste census in the state (Bihar) but in the entire country. We are awaiting a decision on this now.”Yadav also said that such a census was in the national interest and would be a historic measure and help the poor and the most deprived sections of the society.

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