Now The Notice Of Challan Will Reach In 15 Days, The Union Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways Has Issued New Rules

New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued notifications on traffic rules under which notices will now reach traffic rule breakers within 15 days after the issuance of challans. The notification issued under the amended Motor Vehicles Act says that evidence has to be preserved until the case is settled. According to the new rules, traffic policemen will also have to make videos of rule breakers.This regulation used to take a long time as the traffic rule breakers used to get notices of challans after days and caused delays in depositing challans and prevented the government from getting revenue.A Delhi Traffic Police officer said, “CCTV cameras and signboards have been installed at several intersections in the past and more will be installed at several other intersections.”Must Make VideosAccording to new rules, traffic policemen will not only take photographs and issue challans of drivers violating rules, but they will have to make videos of them. According to notifications, electronic enforcement devices will be used to issue challans. Electronic enforcement devices include speed cameras, CCTV cameras, dashboard cameras, speed guns, body wearable cameras, automatic number plate recognition, weight-in machines as well as many technologies that will be used to implement the new guidelines. According to the traffic police officer, the use of new technology will help in recording the misbehaviour of the drivers towards the policemen. Car loan Information:Calculate Car Loan EMI

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