Official Taliban Websites Go Offline, Reasons Unknown

Afghanistan Crisis LIVE, August 21, Saturday: With Taliban taking over Kabul, a situation of unrest resides in the war-torn country. Severals Afghans took to the streets holding the countrys national flag, which is no longer in use  after since Taliban’s capture. there is a deepening fear among the country’s religious and ethnic minorities that the gains they made over the past two decades could be lost and that they could again find themselves the target of persecution. Many Hazaras worry that atrocities of the past will be revisited despite assurances from the Taliban leadership that they have changed.
Taliban websites that delivered the victorious insurgents’ official messages to Afghans and the world at large in five languages went offline abruptly Friday, indicating an effort to try to squelch them. It is not immediately clear, though, why the sites in the Pashto, Urdu, Arabic, English and Dari languages went offline Friday. They had been shielded by Cloudflare, a San Francisco-based content delivery network and denial-of-service protection provider.
The UN food agency says it has been able to negotiate access with the Taliban to distribute aid in one provincial capital in Afghanistan but hasn’t been able to resume food deliveries to three other provincial capitals it supplies. The World Food Program, headquartered in Rome, has said that some 14 million people are facing severe hunger in the nation of some 39 million. A second drought in three years, combined with fighting, had afflicted Afghanistan even before the Taliban takeover of the country on Sunday.

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