Petrol Diesel Price 19th August 2021 Today Check Latest Rates In Your City Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai

Petrol Diesel Price 19th August: Today, Oil companies have not changed petrol prices for the 33rd consecutive day, while diesel prices have come down for the second consecutive day. Today diesel has become cheaper by 20 paise per litre. Earlier on Wednesday also diesel was cheaper by 20 paise. In capital Delhi, petrol is now priced at Rs 101.84 a litre and diesel at Rs 89.47 per litre.The price of petrol in Mumbai crossed the Rs 100 mark for the first time on May 29. Now here, the price of petrol is Rs 107.83 per litre. The price of diesel in the city is also close to Rs 97.04 per litre, which is highest in metropolitan cities. Petrol is priced at Rs 101.49 per litre in Chennai and Rs 102.08 per litre in Kolkata. Diesel is also Rs 94.02 and Rs 92.57 per litre in both the cities respectively. In Chennai, petrol prices fell by about Rs 3 per litre on August 14, after the state government cut VAT on oil.Petrol and diesel price today in major cities

In Bangalore, Petrol at Rs 105.25 and diesel at Rs 94.86 per litre today.
In Bhopal, Petrol at Rs 110.20 and diesel at Rs 98.26 per litre today.
In Lucknow, petrol at Rs 98.92 and diesel at Rs 89.81 per litre today.
In Patna, petrol at Rs 104.25 and diesel at Rs 95.16 per litre today.
In Ranchi, petrol at Rs 96.68 and diesel at Rs 94.41 per litre today.
In Pune, petrol at Rs 107.10 and diesel at Rs 95.54 per litre today.
In Chandigarh, petrol at Rs 97.93 and diesel at Rs 89.12 per litre today.
Crude oil prices have now softened to below $70 a barrel after swinging in all directions in July. The price of oil should have come down by about Rs 2 per litre due to the fall in crude oil. However, the OMCs want to see further market fluctuations before making further cuts. The price of petrol is stable since July 18.In the current financial year, oil prices came to a standstill after increasing for 41 days. Petrol price in Delhi increased by Rs 11.44 per litre with an increase of 41. The price of diesel had gone up by Rs 8.94 per litre. In Delhi, a decline was seen in diesel prices on July 12, then August 18 and now August 19. 

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