PM Imran Khan’s Party Leader Admits Ties With Taliban, Says ‘Pakistan To Take Their Help In Kashmir’

PM Imran Khan's Party Leader Admits Ties With Taliban, Says 'Pakistan To Take Their Help In Kashmir'

New Delhi: At the time when several World leaders are demanding to put sanctions against the Taliban and designate it as terrorist group, a leader of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government reportedly admitted Pakistan military’s close ties with Taliban and taking its help in its anti-India agenda. 

As reported by news agency ANI, PTI leader Neelam Irshad Sheikh during an on-air television news debate claimed that the Taliban have announced to join hands with Pakistan in Kashmir.

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While the Taliban had earlier stated that Kashmir is India’s ‘internal and bilateral’ issue, Pakistan leader Sheikh has said “the Taliban are saying that they are with us and they will help us in Kashmir.” 

Despite interrupted by the news anchor for her controversial statement, the unaffected and unconcerned Irshad Sheikh continued saying that “Taliban will help us because they have been mistreated.”

Shocked by her statement, the host of the debate show said, “Madam, do you realise what you have said. You have no idea what you have said. For God’s sake ma’am, this show will air around the world. This will be viewed in India.” 

Earlier, the Afghan government had accused Pakistan and its intelligence service of playing a key role in fostering the Taliban.

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