Railway Increases Sub Burn Services From Today

The Western and Central Railway Zones have decided to increase the number of suburban local train services in Mumbai from today. While Western Railway will run 1,300 suburban services in Mumbai suburban section from today, Central Railway will run 1,686 services in its Mumbai Division.Western Railway was previously running 1,201 services, until yesterday. However, the number has become 1300 services after 99 more train services were added today. Prior to COVID-19 lockdowns, Western Railway used to provide 1367 services. Central Railway was running 1612 services before the increase today. After the increase of 74 services today, the number of suburban services has risen to 1686. Central Railways used to carry out 1774 services before COVID-19 struck. The decision to increase the Mumbai local train service was taken in view of those who have taken both doses of the COVID vaccine till August 15 after waiting for four long months. Passengers were banned from travelling in local trains since the first week after the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the city. Although BMC had carried out offline COVID-19 vaccine verifications and provided monthly pass facilities at 53 railway stations,BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh had said that in order to facilitate citizens to travel in local trains, monthly railway passes would be available at 53 railway stations from August 11, which can only be purchased by fully vaccinated passengers. You can purchase a monthly railway pass between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m daily.The suburban rail network is essentially considered the lifeline of Mumbai. The network used to transport 7 million people everyday before the pandemic hit.

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