Special Feature Coming In Google Map, Will Tell The Price Of The Toll On The Way

New Delhi: Tech Giant Google is going to introduce a very special and useful feature in its product Google Maps. With the help of this feature, people will come to know about the toll charges to be paid on the way before they commence their journey. This will make it easier for commuters to decide about which route to take and which route to be avoid. Currently the testing of this feature is underway. According to media reports, feature in Google Maps that will provide information about the charges for every toll enroute, will save users time. This feature is currently in the testing phase. In fact, a member of the preview program has been spotted working on this feature. A user survey has been conducted for enabling this feature which displays the toll charges. No information has yet been given by the company on by when it will be rolled out for users. List to be released soon! If media reports are to be believed, then according to this feature by Google Map, the users will not only know the location of all tolls enroute, but will also come to know about their charges. In addition, the list will also be released by Google. 

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