Sports News LIVE: Bhavina Patel Qualifies For Quarter Finals Of Table Tennis

The weekend is here and all of the sports lovers are excited for the upcoming two or three days. Paralympics is going on and India’s table tennis prospects look bright with Bhavina Patel representing India at the grandest stage. She will play her Round of 16 knockout match today. She faces Joyce De Oliveira of Brazil. 
Jyoti Balan had her bout where she finished 15th. Other than that, India has events today in powerlifting, where Sakina Khatun is representing India. There’s Archery where Rakesh Kumar, Harminder Singh, Vivek Chikara, and Shyam Sundar are playing for India. At 3 pm in the afternoon, Jaideep will be India’s powerlifting contender. 
Apart from the Paralympics, there are a lot of things happening in Football. Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe, two of the modern football greats are looking for a transfer away from their current club. We will be keeping a close eye on the updates from French, Italian, and English football. 
We shall also update you all about the happening during India vs England Test series. England has come back and simply dominated the proceedings in the second match. If not played well, India fear a loss on Day 3 or 4 of the Test match. India will look to bounce back in the game but it looks very difficult that India will be able to stage a comeback from here. There is ample time in the Test match to pick up the 10 Indian wickets. India will have to show their old-school ability to defend and to defend well. 

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