States Gear Up To Counter Possible Third Wave Of Coronavirus, Focus On Protecting Children

New Delhi: In view of the anticipation of the third wave of Covid-19, many states in the country have started with their preparations to deal with it. This time the focus of the states is on children. With the opening of schools across the country, they are said to be at the highest risk from the possible third wave of Covid.Many states have started arranging more beds and oxygen for children in their hospitals. Many vaccine manufacturing companies in the country are in the trial phase of the Covid vaccine for children. It is expected that covid vaccine will also be available for children by the end of the year. The health department is on alert due to the way the infection is spreading among children in America due to the delta variant of Corona first found in India. So far many children in the US have been hospitalized after infection with delta variant. Let us tell you that thousands of people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen and medical facilities during the second wave of Covid in April and May in the country. Now the possibility of third wave of covid is also being feared in the next few months. Let us tell you that about 11 states of the country have opened schools. After which concern about corona infection in children has increased. Although health experts say that, so far it has not been proved anywhere that the delta variant affects children the most. Maharashtra Begins Preparations According to Suhas Prabhu, head of the Paediatric Task Force in Maharashtra, “We do not know how the virus will affect this time. But we have to be fully prepared to face it. We cannot leave any stone unturned.” At the same time, he said, “We don’t want any mother to wander from place to place to arrange hospital bed for her sick child.” The Maharashtra government has started its preparations in view of the possible third wave of corona. Hospital Beds Arranged For Children In Mumbai, Gujarat Arrangements are being made in Mumbai and Aurangabad. New centres are being set up here where more beds and adequate oxygen are being provided for children. In Mumbai, 1,500 new beds have been prepared for children, most of which have oxygen. “We can double our bed capacity here if needed,” said Suresh Kakani, a senior BMC official.

In Gujarat too, the health department has prepared a provision of 15,000 beds for children. Health commissioner Jai Prakash Shivhare informed this. 

 Vaccines Currently In Trial Phase For Children   Covid vaccine is currently available in India only for people above 18. Zydus Cadilla and Bharat Biotech are undertaking trials for the children’s vaccine. However, there is no possibility of them being available before the end of the year. 

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