Taliban Must Carry Women, Minorities & Even Non-Muslims Together: Pak Journalist Hamid Mir

Taliban Must Carry Women, Minorities & Even Non-Muslims Together: Pak Journalist Hamid Mir

New Delhi: With the Taliban toppling the government led by President Ashraf Ghani, senior Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir on Wednesday spoke exclusively to ABP News and shared his views on the recent takeover of Afghanistan by the insurgent group.

Mir told ABP News Vice President Sumit Awasthi in an exclusive conversation that the Taliban in order to succeed and get global recognition must carry everyone together – be it women, minorities and even the non-Muslims in the country.

He said the latest promises made by the Taliban and the ground reality would be known in the next few days.

“When the Taliban rule came to an end around 20 years ago in 2001, the only thought about them at that time was that they believe in fighting and dying. They have, however, in the last 20 years learned both politics and diplomacy. Politics and diplomacy in simple language means you can go back on your promises, you can even lie and you can take a U-turn. I am of the view there is not much difference in the approach of the Taliban now than what it was 20 years ago,” he said.

Mir said there has, however, been a change in the tactics of the Taliban now.

“The proof of this is that they made peace agreements with the world power in Doha last year. It was decided that they would proceed towards Kabul through political activity and talks, but they have not gone to Kabul via political settlement. So, there is a question on their credibility,” said Mir.

“Taliban spokesperson (Zabihullah) Mujahid held a press conference yesterday and made many promises. If we look at the track record since the signing of the Doha agreement, they have talked several good things but we witness a dearth in their implementation,” he added.

When asked about how much time is enough to assess this new Taliban, Mir said that Afghanistan’s future is not just with Taliban.

“If you want a peaceful Afghanistan, then an inclusive government is required. Even Taliban is aware of it,” he said.

The senior Pakistani journalist also shared his views with regard to the restrictions on women in the war-torn nation post the Taliban takeover.

“I have many acquaintances in Kabul – both men and women. They shared the problems. The woman journalists in particular are facing problems. We also spoke with the Taliban. I told them that you say in the press conference that there will be no problem with women, but they are being prevented from going to the offices,” said Mir.

Mir also expressed his concern over the Taliban breaking the prisons in Afghanistan within days of capturing the country.

“It is a matter of concern that prisons have been broken in Afghanistan in two to three days in which those people who are wanted in Pakistan, China and other countries were also detained. Taliban has stabbed its comrades from Kabul jail. Those who were against them were shot dead. This is a matter of concern. It is not right to punish someone without trial, no matter how depraved,” he said.




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