Taliban Spox Zabihullah Mujahid Press Conference Highlights Would Assure Neighbors Regional Countries Not Be Harmed Anyway Afghanistan

Taliban Spox Zabihullah Mujahid Press Conference Highlights Would Assure Neighbors Regional Countries Not Be Harmed Anyway Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid PC Highlights: Taliban on Tuesday held their first press conference at the Government Media and Information Centre (GMIC) in Kabul days after taking over Afghanistan. During the presser, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid cleared out Taliban government’s stand on various issues including women’s right, foreign affairs and others. 

Following a lightning offensive across Afghanistan that saw many cities fall to the insurgents without a fight in the last few weeks, the Taliban is now portraying itself to be moderate than what it used to be in 1990s.

Taliban are known for their ultraconservative Islamic views, which included severe restrictions on women as well as public stonings and amputations before they were ousted by the US-led invasion following the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

As others have in recent days, Mujahid addressed these concerns head-on in his first news conference. The content of this news piece is taken from Tolo News. 

Below Are Top 10 Highlights From The Presser:

1. During the press conference, Taliban vowed to respect women’s rights but within the norms of Islamic law, though he gave few details. Mujahid said that Taliban are committed to providing women, their rights based on Islam. He also clarified that women can work in the health sector and other sectors where they are needed.

There will be no discrimination against women, he said. 

2. Mujahid said that the Taliban wanted private media to remain independent, but stressed journalists should not work against national values.

” We want all media outlets to continue their activities. They have three suggestions: No broadcast should contradict Islamic values, they should be impartial, no one should broadcast anything that goes against our national interests,” he said.

3. Mujahid also promised the insurgents would secure Afghanistan but seek no revenge against those who worked with the former government or with foreign governments or forces.

We assure you that nobody will go to their doors to ask why they helped, he said.

4. The spokesperson also said that the Islamic emirate is pledging to all world countries that no threat will be posed to any country from Afghanistan.

“Afghans have the right to apply rules that match the people’s values. therefore, other countries should respect these rules,” he said.

5. The Taliban also assured that there will be an improvement in the Afghanistan’s economy and in the people’s livelihoods. 

6. Mujahid even said that they (Taliban) have pardoned everyone and will not take revenge against anyone, including former military members and those who worked with the foreign forces.

“No one will search their house,” Mujahid says.

7. Mujahid says that damage to people and families occurred during the war accidentally and was not intentional and occurred in an uncontrolled situation.

“If it happened, it is unfortunate,” he said.

8. He also assured that the situation in Kabul will get back to normal soon. The capital city remained quiet for another day as the Taliban patrolled its streets and many residents stayed home, fearful after the insurgents’ takeover saw prisons emptied and armories looted.

9. Mujahid, who had been a shadowy figure for years, said that Taliban want to establish a government that includes all sides adding that they want an end to the war.

10. In response to a question about differences between the 1990s Taliban and today’s, Mujahid said the ideology and beliefs are the same because they are Muslims, but there is a change in terms of experience–they are more experienced and have a different perspective.

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