Taliban Stood Up To NATO Deal, Struggle Justified, Says Ex-Pakistan Ambassador Abdul Basit

New Delhi: Pakistan is seen openly supporting the Taliban ever since the latter seized Kabul and took control of Afghanistan. Recently, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the new Taliban regime has broken the shackles of slavery.After the recent developments in Afghanistan, the question now arises whether there will be a further increase in tension between India and Pakistan or the developments will bring new changes in the relations between the two countries? ABP News Editor Sumit Awasthi spoke to Abdul Basit, a former High Commissioner of Pakistan to India regarding these questions.ALSO READ | Afghan Independence Day Rally: Several Killed After Taliban Firing, StampedeTalking about the current situation in Afghanistan, Abdul Basit said that Pakistan is looking at this situation from a different viewpoint. He said, “When it comes to peace and war, India is standing at the wrong crossroads of history.”Basit also pointed out that the Taliban have established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and have also promised a new beginning in Afghanistan.When asked about the recent events of firing and violence in different parts of Afghanistan, Basit said that it is their (Afghanistan’s & Taliban’s) internal matter. He also blamed the United States for withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan in a hurry. Basit said that if the US thought Afghanistan Army was capable enough to face Talibani fighters, they were wrong. During the interaction, Basit also claimed that Taliban never said they would not attack the Afghanistan Army adding that they (Taliban) only agreed not to target NATO and the US Army. ALSO READ | Another Jolt To Taliban. IMF Blocks Afghanistan’s SDR Reserves Over Lack Of Clarity In Govt”That is why I say, the Taliban stood up to almost everything under its agreement with NATO and the US,” Basit said. “Taliban have made a lot of efforts and have struggled for almost 2 decades. Taliban’s struggle is justified as they have always maintained that their fight was against foreign government’s capture,” Basit added. Slamming India, Basit also said that New Delhi will try that Taliban do not get global recognition. During the conversation, Abdul Basit even raked upon the Kashmir. He said, “20 years ago, the world was saying that the Taliban is over. If India has the same misunderstanding that the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir is over, then it is fine. But let me tell you that history is filled with facts that the freedom struggle never fails.”

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