Taliban Warn US Not To Incite Skilled Afghan Nationals To Leave The Country

Taliban Warns US: The Afghanistan situation continues to get worse day by day after the complete occupation by Taliban. People are trying to save their lives by escaping from the war-torn country. US forces, now controlling the Kabul airport, are constantly helping the people flee the country. Most countries closed their embassies and refused any foreign aid to them. Meanwhile, the Taliban have asked the US not to incite educated people in Afghanistan to leave the country.AFP cited a Taliban spokesman Zabeihullah Mujahid saying that the US has been asked not to take Daksha (Skilled people) from Afghanistan. According to Tolo News, Taliban was committed to ending the Panjsheer valley revolution using peace and were moved by it. 

US To Complete Evacuation Process By Aug 31A Taliban spokesman said the United States should complete the evacuation of people from Afghanistan by August 31 and the deadline will not be extended. The Biden administration has set August 31 as the date for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan.Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that his group would accept “no extensions” to the deadline. Mujahid said life in the country is returning to normal but chaos at the airport remains a problem to them. Many Afghans are anxious to flee out of the Taliban-run country.Mujahid said he was “not aware” of any meeting between the Taliban and the CIA. Mujahid, however, did not rule out such a meeting. An official says the director of the U.S. agency met the Taliban’s top political leader in Kabul on Monday.   

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