Today’s Wordle Answer 299 of 14th April 2022 | Wordle Word Today 299 (14th April 2022)

Today's wordle answer - wordle 299

Have you Played Wordle (the famous word game) today, and were not been able to solve the wordle today by yourself (wordle answer 299), then don’t worry we are here to help you. We totally understand the urge you have to solve the wordle word today 299 (wordle word 299).

Our team is trying very hard to solve every day’s wordle puzzle (wordle answer today). We will try to not spoil your mood by giving the answer to today’s wordle (wordle 299 answers) straightforward, but we will give you some hints so you can solve the wordle answers 299 (Wordle Answer Today, 14th April 2022, Saturday) by yourself.

We warn you to not proceed further if you want the excitement of solving wordle 299 by yourself, and then skip the final paragraph where we have put the wordle answer today for 14th April 2022 (wordles answer 299).

wordle word today
wordle word today 299

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a daily word game, purchased by New York Times. In this five-letter game users only get six chances to guess the correct word every day. It’s a web-based game, so users don’t even need to download an app from the play store or app store to play the game of wordle.

After solving the wordle word, users get to share results on social media, but in a green boxed image. Everyone uses Twitter to share their attempts to solve the wordle.

Initially, Wordle was created by Josh Wardle in October 2021, and by the start of 2022, Wordle was bought by The New York Times Company for an undisclosed seven-figure number, and the rest is history. 

How to Play Wordle?

Wordle is very easy to play once you have the guts and knowledge or vocabulary; it’s very easy to play Wordle.

Here we are sharing some steps to play Wordle:

  1. Go to New York Times Wordle website (
  2. Start guessing the five-letter words (our team starts with the letter “FLING” every day)
  3. If you’re guessed letters are correct they will turn green or yellow.
  4. Green Means your guess is correct and in the correct position.
  5. Yellow Means your guess is correct but at the wrong position.
  6. Keep Entering more 5 letters
  7. You only get 6 chances to guess the right answer.

Today’s Wordle Answer #299 Hints

As promised we will not be putting the answers for today’s Wordle #299, we will give you some hints.

The first hint for Wordle Word today #299 is that the word for April 14th, 2022, begins with MI. Check out further and go through the list of words below. Strike the correct Wordle Answer for today.     

Here are some words which start with MI

5 Letter Words Starting with MI

  1. MIAMI
  2. MIAOW
  3. MIAUL
  4. MICRA
  5. MICKY
  6. MIDAS
  7. MIFFY
  8. MINCE
  9. MIGHT
  10. MILES
  11. MINOR
  12. MINUS
  13. MIMIC
  14. MICRO
  15. MILAN
  16. MINES
  17. MINED
  18. MINTS
  19. MISTY
  20. MIXED

The second hint is that The Wordle Word today April 3, 2022, ends with CE. Now that you know 4 letters of the Wordle Word Today, think about what could be the Wordle Word today.  

Here are some 5 letter words that end with CE

5 Letter Words Ending with CE

  1. ALICE
  2. AMICE
  3. NIECE
  4. MINCE
  5. OUNCE
  6. NONCE
  7. NOICE
  8. PENCE
  9. BRACE
  10. FORCE
  11. GRACE
  12. HENCE
  13. JUICE
  14. PEACE
  15. PRICE
  16. SINCE
  17. SLICE
  18. TRACE
  19. TRICE
  20. TWICE

Wordle Answer of Thursday 14th April 2022 #299

Spoiler Alert: Don’t move below if you want to solve Wordle 299 by yourself! 

There you go, The Wordle Word today, April 14th, 2022 is mentioned underneath. Go ahead and read the wordle word today 299.

Wordle’s answer today is “MINCE”

Wordle Word today is “MINCE”

Wordle word today 299 (14th April 2022) is “MINCE”

The Wordle answer 299 is “MINCE”

What is MINCE?

“MINCE” as a verb means to “cut up or grind (food, especially meat) into very small pieces, typically in a machine with revolving blades” or “walk with short quick steps in an affectedly dainty manner.” As a noun, it means “minced meat, especially beef.” (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

What is the answer for today’s wordle 299?

The answer to today’s wordle 299 (wordle word today of 14th April 2022 ) is MINCE.

What is the wordle word today?

Wordle word today for wordle 299 (wordle answer today #299) is MINCE.

What is the wordle word today 299 on 14th April 2022?

Wordle word today for wordle 299 (wordle answer today #299) is MINCE.


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