Unrest Back In Assam’s Dima Hasao District As DNLA Militants Set Trucks Ablaze; 5 Dead

Kolkata: In a highlu shocking incident, at least five people died in unrest in Dima Hasao district of Assam after trucks were set ablaze by miscreants in the area. The incident occured at Rangerbill area under Diyungmukh police station of Dima Hasao district on late Thursday night. According to sources, five trucks were put on fire by the miscreants. It was allegedly done by the Dimasa National Liberation (DNLA) militant.One of the trucks was carrying coal from Arda basti and the other four trucks were carrying clinker from Umrangsu Dalmia cement factory. All 5 of them were ambushed by miscreants, 30 rounds firing happened post this the trucks were set on fire. A total of five people are dead.The DNLA group announced its formation through a press release on April 15, 2019. The group claims that it is “committed to revamp the national struggle and fight for the liberation of a sovereign, Independent Dimasa Nation”. The organisation is mainly set up for and to develop a sense of brotherhood among the Dimasa and also to rebuild the trust and faith among the Dimasa society and for also regaining the Dimasa Kingdom.The chairman of DNLA is Naisodao Dimasa and Kharmindao Dimasa is the home secretary. Ringsmai Dimasa is the information and publicity secretary of the group. The group has also established a ‘government-in-exile’ called ‘Dimasa Peoples’ Supreme Council.’On the 14th and 15th of  August 2021, the Dima Hasao district along with other 5 districts was under a 36 hour bandh called by DNLA militant organisation and during the bandh just on the next day there were firings in Langting area and Maibang area without any causality though.Similar incidents happened in Dima Hasao when DHD (J) organisation was active. At that time 6 trucks of the Vinay cement now known as Dalmia cement were burned down and eight people were killed by the militant organisation in Umrongso.DNLA organisation is also walking on the same path in order to express their activeness, and it is a matter of great sadness that innocent people are losing their precious lives.After the ceasefire of DHD (N) and surrender of DHD (J) there was an atmosphere of peace in the district but now this incident has brought back a state of unrest in the hilly district.

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