What Is Havana Syndrome Affecting Brains Of US Diplomats? Check Symptoms Of The Mysterious Condition

What Is Havana Syndrome Affecting Brains Of US Diplomats? Check Symptoms Of The Mysterious Condition

New Delhi: The US Vice-President Kamala Harris’s flight to Vietnam was delayed by several hours due to an “anomalous health incident”. Reportedly, the US officials in Hanoi pointed out that an official in Vietnam was affected by the so-called “Havana syndrome”.

Harris visited Singapore ahead of her trip to Vietnam and continued her way after getting a go-ahead from US Embassy in Vietnam. As per CBS News, the health incident in the Vietnamese capital seems to appear similar to the previous incidences of Havana syndrome reported in other countries in the US Officials.

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Who have been impacted by Havana syndrome?

The mysterious health syndrome has initially appeared in the US and Canadian embassies in Havana in 2016 and 2017. It is interesting to note that a growing number of diplomats and other government personnel, in foreign locations mostly, have experienced this strange set of symptoms.

Although the syndrome was first reported in Cuba in 2016, similar cases have been reported in other nations including China and Austria. Hundreds of US diplomats and other personnel have reportedly fallen ill with symptoms including ear ringing, nausea, and severe headaches, as per the BBC report.

What is Havana syndrome and its symptoms?

The syndrome exhibited unexplained medical symptoms first experienced by the US State Department personnel stationed in Cuba beginning in late 2016. CIA officers at the American embassy experienced a rare sensation of pressure in their heads.

Those reported with the condition has reported a range of conditions including dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, cognitive difficulties and memory loss of varying intensity.

Also, in certain cases diplomats and intelligence officers have to quit active service as a result of complications from the condition, as per the Wall Street Journal report.

Apart from nausea and fatigue, officials also had difficulties in remembering things. Later, brain scans showed tissue damage similar to that caused by a car accident or a bomb blast, as per the Economist report.

This gained the attention of the US government which led to the withdrawal of more than half its embassy staff in the city.

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